About Us

Brilliant is a distribution company of global technology products. It was established in Saudi Arabia in the year 2010 and it’s currently expanding its business to become a strong leader in the Middle East.

We offer our customers a range of unique, innovative, and high-quality branded accessories, smartphones and other modern technological devices and products.

We give technology in Saudi Arabia a new dimension and we are currently striving to develop and disseminate our products across the Middle East. We excel in providing high-quality products to win the trust of our customers and earn their satisfaction.

We recorded a track of our achievements in the areas of distribution of high-quality products suitable for the market and providing exceptional service prices.

  • Provide the best services. Our team is highly experienced, specialized, and always up to date with the latest technological developments.
  • Expand our distribution network on a larger scale.
  • Build agencies brands that are unique, upscale and complement each other.
  • Earn the trust of our customers through our credibility, authenticity of our reputation, and quality of our products.
  • Do our best to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients to grow together and become leaders in quality and excellence.