How to Buy

Purchasing from Brilliant? Follow these simple steps:

1. Browse available products or search for a specific product you want.

  • You can browse the products displayed on the homepage, or select “Shop” from the main menu to shop by category or by brand.
  • You can search for a specific product by using the search icon at the top of the home page.
  • By browsing the home page, you can also see a list of all the brands offered. 

2. For more information about a product, log in to add the product to your favorites for later review or add it to your shopping cart.

  • For more details about a specific product, simply select the product to display a page containing the product’s details, pictures, specifications, product rating, and an option to share the product’s details on your social media.
  • To purchase a product, log in to your account using the log in icon at the top of the page. You may register as a new user by filling in the registration form or log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Then, you can simply specify the quantity of the product and add it to your shopping cart until you place your order. You can also add it to your favorites list for later review or send the product information by e-mail to your friends.

3. Review your shopping cart.

You can review your shopping cart by selecting the cart icon at the top of the main page, which allows you to review/delete items, change the quantity, and place the order. This page also displays details regarding the payment total and additional information about the order. 

To complete the checkout process, click on the “Complete the Purchase Process” button at the bottom of the shopping cart page (after logging in) to enter your address.

Once that’s complete, select the "Continue" button to view details of your invoice before finally placing the order.

4. Choose the method of payment.

Payments may be completed online or at the time of delivery. After selecting the address, you will be directed to a page to choose the method of payment – either online or at the time of delivery.  

5. Confirm your request.

Confirm your request by selecting the "Order Confirmation" button after completing all the order details, and an invoice will be sent to your email.

6. Enter your payment information online.

If you choose the online payment option, you will be directed to the payment page. You may either pay through credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. or by wire transfer. 

7. Track your order.

You can track the status of each item in your order by contacting Brilliant or reviewing the “My Orders” page in your account.